IAM Leaders Reelected to ITF Positions

Heading up the IAM delegation to the ITF’s 42nd Congress in Mexico City were (left to right) General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr., TCU President Robert Scardelletti and General Vice President Dave Ritchie.

IAM delegates, headed by General Vice Presidents Dave Ritchie and Robert Roach, Jr., together with TCU President Robert Scardelletti, participated in the 42nd Congress of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) held in Mexico City.

In ITF elections, Roach was reelected to the Executive Board and Management Committee, Scardelletti was reelected to the Executive Board, Transportation Administrative Assistant Sito Pantoja was elected as Chairman of the Civil Aviation Section and Transportation GLR Dora Cervantes was elected to the Women’s Committee.

More than 1,300 participants from some 370 trade unions in 112 countries attended the week-long event. It was the first ITF Congress to be held in Latin America.

The ITF is an international trade union federation comprised of 759 transport workers’ unions, representing over 4,600,000 transport workers in 155 countries.

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