IAM Wins Election for 500 in Virginia

Preparations are underway for a first contract following a major Southern Territory organizing win that secured IAM representation for more than 500 workers who make Trojan brand condoms at Church & Dwight Co., in Richmond, Virginia.

Workers at the manufacturing facility rejected a fierce campaign coordinated by a union avoidance firm and voted 277-177 on November 23 for the IAM in an election supervised by the National Labor Relations Board.

“It was one of the toughest anti-union campaigns I’ve ever seen,” said IAM Business Representative Jeff Agee, who coordinated the organizing drive. “The company stuffed employee pay envelopes with anti-union literature and required workers to attend twice-weekly captive audience meetings.”

Agee credited the Local 10 Organizing Committee for providing workers at Church & Dwight with a steady flow of literature and accurate information about their legal rights.

“Special thanks should go to Local 10 Recording Secretary Bob Key, Secretary-Treasurer Ben Wells and Office Manager Marie Marshall. They did a terrific job.”

Key issues that led workers to seek IAM representation were rising health care costs, the absence of pay raises and unilateral changes to long-standing vacation policy.

“The men and women at Church & Dwight were already familiar with the benefits of an IAM contract,” said Southern Territory GVP Bob Martinez.

“The IAM represents some of the highest paying jobs at major employers in the Richmond, Virginia area, including Phillip Morris, Alcoa, Honeywell and United Parcel Service. We’re looking forward to providing the same kind of first-class representation for our newest members.”

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