Information Systems

The Information Systems Department has one of the most challenging jobs at headquarters ? keeping up with computers and software. The department has several critical jobs, including meeting the data needs of the International and providing the internal communications system for Headquarters.

Meeting the data needs of the International involves maintaining addresses for the entire IAM membership and the financial accounts of locals in all 50 states, 10 Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico and Panama.

The department developed its own software, VLM, to allow locals to computerize their record-keeping systems. The Membership Records section of the Information Systems Department handles the monthly financial reports from local lodges.

Information Systems provides internal communications by constantly updating the computer equipment and software used by Headquarters staff and IAM representatives in the field.

Information Systems Director
Brad Schmelzer

Assistant Directors
Joseph Heckman
Colleen Morgan

Administrative Staff Secretary
Antoinette Costantino

Applications Development Manager
Teresa Emmart

Database Administrator/Analyst

Tom Brauch
Systems Analysts
James Modlin

Dan Martini

Systems Analyst
Annette Hartz

Lisa Dolina
IT Support Specialists
Bill Thomas
Lisa Dolina
IT Support Specialists
Julie Robinson
Colin Modderman
Tricia Knott

IT Support Specialists
Tracey Dolina
Jerry Freitag
Kenneth Schick

Lisa Dolina
IT Support Specialists
Tom Brick
Eric Hendrix
Brandon Lagana
IT Network Manager
Harold White

IT Assistant Network Manager
Brian Collis

Lisa Dolina

Network Administrators
Janice Bradley
Patrick McCaw
Alex Stone

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