Membership Services Department

The Membership Membership Serices Department deals with local lodge monthly reports, provides phone assistance regarding membership inquiries, prepares strike benefits, maintains the IAM Roster and mailing list, and issues veteran badges. 06 01 2012 delio Director of Membership Services Department
Kathy Delio
Assistant Director of Membership Services Department
Becky McMullen
IT Specialist
Tom Emmart
IAM/TCU Team Leader
Teresa Smith
Lisa DeGroat

Reports Technology Clerks
Sara Lee
Lisa DeGroat
Lambros Georgallas

Reports Technology Clerks
Jennifer Freitag
Deb Gaguski

Reports Technology Clerks
Toni Rowley
Lindsey Traynham
Sophia Denford

Administrative Staff Secretary
Lindsey Elliott
Administrative Secretary
Patricia Tettimer

Administrative Clerk Typists
Marla McMannis
Sharon Wertz
Michael Taylor

Senior Clerk Typists
Shelly Ikola

rodney smith 68X102 Junior Clerk Typists
Rodney Smith
Jeffrey Jenkins
Jessica Ruyter
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