Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm Warns Of Manufacturing Emergency

November 22, 2005 – The U.S. manufacturing sector, and domestic automakers in particular, desperately need help easing health-care costs and other burdens to ensure their viability, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said on Friday.

“We’re facing a Category 5 economic hurricane,” the Democratic governor told Reuters, when asked about the plight of struggling U.S. automakers.

 ”This is an emergency,” she said, adding that the administration of President George W. Bush can ill-afford to deal with it the same way it did Hurricane Katrina and its impact on New Orleans and the U.S. Gulf coast.

Granholm spoke in an interview after asking Bush, in a letter earlier this week, to convene a meeting of his economic team, industry officials, labor leaders and members of Congress aimed at urgently mapping out a strategy to address the many problems facing U.S. manufacturers and companies like General Motors Corp. Read the article here.

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