NFFE-IAM Kicks Off Oklahoma Organizing Campaign

Local 273 NFFE-IAM, Federal District 1, members at Fort Sill, Oklahoma are gearing up for a base organizing drive to let fellow federal workers know the benefits of being a NFFE-IAM member. About 1,800 civilian employees at Ft. Sill perform a wide range of jobs, from food preparation to air traffic control.

“Federal workers face a number of challenges such as contracting out their jobs under the A-76 process and an unfair National Security Personnel System,” said IAM Government Employees Director Frank Carelli. “It’s more important than ever for every federal worker covered by a NFFE-IAM collective bargaining agreement to join up to protect their jobs and their rights.”

The Local 273 Organizing Committee held its first meeting to train organizers and formulate plans for the upcoming drive. The Local volunteers are being assisted by Special Representative Ann Walsh and the IAM’s Organizing Department. “This is a motivated group that represents workers from all over Ft. Sill,” said Local 273 President Zelda Cozart. “We’ve already had a positive response and it should just get better as we get this campaign going.”


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