Services Provided

Resources and Coordinated Efforts 
Using the resources of the AFL-CIO, affiliate unions, and the Departments of the IAM pressure can be applied to companies so as to advance the bargaining process and keep IAM contracts industry leading agreements. 

The International Affairs Department of the IAMAW and the Collective Bargaining Department coordinate with International Labor Organizations and Workers around the world so as to keep track of and bargain with Multinational Corporations to keep up with what is called a,”Global Economy”. 

The Collective Bargaining Department has been working closely with the HPWO Department in the implementation and maintenance of a partnership at Harley-Davidson. By working together we make a formidable force at the bargaining table!!! 

Dispute Resolution
Working together with the IAM Legal Department the Collective Bargaining Department protects the interest of our members in Jurisdictional Disputes. These Jurisdictional Disputes are handled under Article 20 & 21 in the AFL-CIO Constitution. The AFL-CIO provides what is called “Report On Cases Filed Under Article XX”, which gives a detailed look at how many cases were filed, the disposition of the cases, appeals, as well as noncompliance. Sanctions filed are also listed in this report. Bargaining support and Jurisdictional disputes within Metal Trades Councils are also handled by the Collective Bargaining Department.

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