Strategic Resources

The mission of the Strategic Resources Group is to help position the IAM for growth and increase the union’s capabilities of improving worklife and the standard of living for IAM members well into the next century. The Group provides support to IAMAW officers, field representatives and organizers through research, analysis, and strategic advice on a wide variety of topics. 

As a vital resource to our leadership and headquarters’ departments, the Group’s primary responsibilities include maintaining a comprehensive database of IAM collective bargaining agreements; providing accurate and timely analysis in support of bargaining, organizing and legislative initiatives; and participating in the development of strategic approaches to complex problems facing our members. 

Our Research Economists handle over 700 requests each year from IAM field representatives and headquarters staff. Assistant Director David White and Research Economists Loren Almeroth, Peter Greenberg, Tazewell Hurst and Gwendolyn Camp handle a wide variety of information requests. While most requests deal with organizing and collective bargaining, the Economists also provide on-site support to negotiations and deliver various programs and workshops to field staff. 

The department also has extensive expertise in employee benefits. Neil Gladstein, our Director, has spent many years analyzing pension, savings and profit sharing plans. Neil has participated in a number of negotiations since joining the IAM’s Strategic Resources Department and also teaches pension and advanced collective bargaining classes at the IAM’s Education and Training Facility. 

The IAM has over 5,000 collective bargaining agreements that represent workers in a wide variety of industries. The job of maintaining the contract database and analyzing trends in negotiations falls to dedicated Research Associates — Don Pittman, Teresa Canning, and Elaine Webb.  All have worked for the IAM for many years and bring a wealth of experience to their jobs. A team of Data Information Specialists — Gail Carpenter and Julie Tsamoutales — provide essential support to maintaining the IAM contract database.

Taken together, under the direction of Neil Gladstein, the Strategic Resources team provides essential services to IAM field representatives on a daily basis. 

Meet the Strategic Resources Department staff


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