Take Action to Stop the U.S.-Colombia FTA Vote

February 20, 2008 – President Bush is threatening to force a vote on the deeply flawed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Columbia, where more than 2,200 trade unionists have been murdered during the past two decades.

Take action now by cgoing to (http://capwiz.com/iamaw/dbq/officials/) to send a message to your representative urging them to oppose the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

Last year alone, nearly forty trade unionists were assassinated.  Since January 1, 2008, a trade unionist has been murdered almost every week in Columbia. Ninety-seven per cent of cases where trade unionists have been murdered have gone unresolved. Even when the murderers are caught, penalties were weak.

The Bush Administration’s argument that Columbia’s human rights record is improving is simply offensive.  It ignores the daily horror that exists for thousands of Columbian trade unionists and their families.

Tell Congress and the Bush Administration that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 

In addition to sending an e-mail message above, union members can also call (202) 224-3121 and ask the Capitol Switchboard operator to connect you to your Senators and Member of Congress.  Go to (http://www.congress.org/) find out who represents you in Congress.

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