Wal-Mart Facing Lawsuit

September 14, 2005 – Workers from China, along with five other countries, filed a class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart stores Tuesday, claiming the retail giant failed to enforce its code of conduct at toy and clothing factories accused of severe labor abuses.

Two workers from Wal-Mart contractors in China claim in the lawsuit they were forced to work overtime, not allowed to take holidays off and were not paid minimum wage.

Workers from Bangladesh, Swaziland, Indonesia and Nicaragua also claim they did not receive minimum wage, were forced to work overtime and in some cases were beaten by their supervisors.

Four workers from California also joined the lawsuit, claiming Wal-Mart’s entry into Southern California forced their employers to cut back benefits and reduce pay.

The lawsuit was filed in a California state court by the International Labor Rights Fund.

Read the entire article from the New York Times.


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