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  • Members September 3, 2014

    Refurbishing Railroad District 19’s Historic Bell

    IAM District Lodge 19 has been the keeper of an historic steam-era bell that was showing signs of wear and tear. So, a group of members transported the bell from Denver to Roanoke, Virginia, to be refurbished by Machinist members at the Roanoke Locomotive Shop. This bell has been ringing in conventions and conferences for

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  • Members May 7, 2014

    An Early History Of unioNation

    unioNation is a labor music band formed in 2012 by the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers. The IAM’s unioNation™ aims to change the mindset of labor music and the stereotypical sound that comes with it.  The band was originally inspired by singer/songwriter Cody Wilder’s presentation of the song “United We Stand, Divided We

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  • Members December 4, 2013

    American Made Aviation

    As millions of people rush to catch flights over the holiday season, many will travel comfortably in aircraft made by the Machinists Union. One in plane in particular, the Boeing 737, is a reliable twin engine marvel being built with the help of IAM District Lodge 70 in Kansas.

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  • Members November 26, 2013

    Thank A Veteran This Thanksgiving By Hiring One

    The Department of Labor is urging companies and organizations to hire military veterans.  The Machinists Union has a sizable number of veterans among its ranks. We thank all of our veterans this Thanksgiving and join Secretary of Labor Tom Perez in saluting our veterans, hoping the 1.5 million who return home during the next five

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  • Members September 12, 2013

    IAM Steward, Firefighter & Marine Alex Catalan

    IAM Chief Steward Alex Catalan of Local 933 in Tucson, AZ helped the William W. Winpisinger Education & Technology Center honor the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by performing a flag-lowering ceremony. The day affected Catalan twice as hard because he’s also a firefighter and Marine.

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