Aveos Negotiating Committee Gears Up for Contract Talks

Members of the Aveos Negotiating Committee gear up for contract talks at a simulated bargaining session as part of the Negotiation Preparation for Bargaining Committees program at the William W. Winpisinger Education Center.

Transportation District Lodge 140 and affiliated Local Lodges 714, 764, 1681 and 1751 are preparing for their first round of negotiations with Aveos Fleet Performance Inc. The IAM members provide airframe, engine, component, and maintenance solutions for a wide range of customers including Air Canada as well as technical training.

The District 140 Aveos Negotiating Committee met at the William W. Winpisinger Center to train, plan and develop negotiating strategies for the upcoming talks. The Center’s week-long Negotiation Preparation for Bargaining Committees program provided the committee with training in drafting contract language, presenting proposals, analyzing the company’s strengths and collective bargaining strategy.

The training culminates with a simulated bargaining session with instructors playing the role of tough company negotiators. “For the committee members it doesn’t seem like a simulation,” said District 140 President and Directing General Chairperson Chuck Atkinson. “The process is very realistic. It’s tough, and you get a feel for what to expect during the actual negotiations.”

“You need to be well prepared before meeting with the company and going to the table with your proposals. This is the second time I have been through the bargaining simulation,” said Benoit Lanctot of Local 1751. “Preparation is critical.”

“The committee developed a comprehensive plan and strategy for these negotiations,” said Margaret Robertson, also of Local 1751. “We are ready to aggressively pursue the issues that the membership has told us matter most to them.”

“This week has been very informative and enlightening,” said Local 764 member Allan Marshall. “I am excited to work with the bargaining committee and use the knowledge we gained in our negotiations with the company.”

“For far too long, our members have paid the price for the ongoing turbulence in the air transport sector – our members at Aveos deserve compensation that reflects their high skills and commitment to aviation safety and they need job and pension security,” said Canadian General Vice President Dave Ritchie. “The Canadian office fully supports the committee’s bargaining goals and we will make every resource at our disposal available to support the committee in these negotiations.”

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