Backlash Grows Against GOP Anti-Worker Agenda

The nationwide Republican effort to roll back collective bargaining rights and break unions is taking a toll – on Republican lawmakers. In Wisconsin, a desperate GOP is trying to stall recall races for several state GOP senators by running GOP candidates as Democrats. In New Hampshire, the resignations of two GOP legislators from key GOP leadership positions signal crumbling support for the GOP’s underhanded attacks on America’s middle class.

In Wisconsin, an energized grassroots movement has forced six recall elections against GOP Senators who helped strong-arm Gov. Walker’s union-busting budget bill through the legislature. In New Hampshire, the GOP attacks on working families have gotten so extreme that six-term State Rep. and House Deputy Majority Leader Matt Quandt and House Whip Tim Copeland resigned in protest over attacks on public employees and GOP efforts to override Democratic Gov. John Lynch’s veto of right-to-work (for less) legislation.

The DLCC also reports that a GOP Alabama state Representative abandoned his party over an anti-teacher bill and a GOP Ohio state Senator resigned after significant blowback from his vote in support of SB 5, a draconian anti-worker legislation.

Ohio’s SB 5 is one step closer to being repealed. In just two months, Buckeye workers, activists and volunteers have collected 714,137 signatures needed to place the repeal on the November ballot. Volunteers collected three times the 231,000 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot and did so two weeks before the deadline.

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