Call to Action for November Elections

With the critical midterm election less than two weeks away, IAM members have a chance to change the face of Congress and state capitols, if they show up to vote.

“This election will be decided by turnout. It’s simple, if you stay home on Election Day or don’t volunteer some time on union-sponsored Get-Out-The-Vote drives between now and November 7, it will be more of the same anti-worker policies for years to come,” said IP Tom Buffenbarger. “IAM officers and representatives at every level, everyone who has attended classes at the Winpisinger Center, stewards and regular members, should volunteer some time to educate our fellow members about candidates who will do the best job for working families and get our members to show up at the polls.”

Mid-term elections historically see a drop of almost 30 million voters, making voter turnout among union households even more important. “In these last few days, volunteer to phone bank, help pass out handbills or help visit union households. Just a small effort by a lot of people will make the difference,” said Buffenbarger.

To volunteer, contact your lodge or click here to find an AFL-CIO event in your area. 

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