Campaign Grows to Save Avondale Shipyard

Union members and local businesses in New Orleans and throughout the Gulf Coast are working hard to save the Avondale Shipyard in New Orleans, LA.

“We have pulled out all the stops,” said Local 37 President Ray Mercier. “We have partnered with local businesses and our community, because this is so important to all of our futures. I have also been meeting with other unions in this area getting the word out about Avondale Shipyards’ closing. I have had meetings with the Jefferson Chamber Of Commerce and the Harvey Canal Association, Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission and other groups. I will continue to meet with people and put up the Save Our Shipyard Signs in business until it is over.”

The Metal Trades Council is working with a coalition in building awareness, filing petitions and lobbying local and national politicians to save jobs and the industry. The area’s small business owners are working to save the massive shipyard that employs their customers and keep their livelihoods afloat.

More than 400 business owners sent a letter this month to President Obama urging the administration to help keep Northrop Grumman from “throwing 5,000 workers out of jobs and abandoning the New Orleans Community.”

“We believe we are on the path to saving the shipyard and the jobs,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Bob Martinez. “We hope to continue to build ships at Avondale for many years to come.”

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