Dates Set for Wisconsin Recall Election

Election dates have been set in the recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), his lieutenant governor and four Republican state senators.

A Dane County Circuit judge has approved a May 8, 2012 primary, needed if more than one candidate from the same party runs, and a June 5 general election. If there are no primaries needed, the general election date will be moved to May 8.

So far, two Democrats have declared their candidacies in the governor’s race. Others could still enter.

Walker enraged Wisconsin working families last year when he introduced a bill to strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights. Despite weeks of around-the-clock protests at the state capitol, the Republican-controlled legislature passed the measure, and Walker signed the bill into law last March. Months later, recall organizers collected more than one million signatures to recall Walker – double the 540,208 needed to trigger such an election.

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