Connecticut State Couincil Meets

et ct 1-27-06

The Connecticut State Council met in Meriden, Connecticut January 21-22, 2006 with 39 delegates, General Vice Presidents Lynn D. Tucker, Jr. and Robert V. Thayer, Grand Lodge Representatives James D. Smith and Bill Rudis, Assistant Director of Legislative and Political Action Tom Trotter, and Grow Jobs Connecticut Director John Harrity in attendance. Guest speakers included 1st Congressional District Representative John Larson, Connecticut AFL-CIO President John Olson and Connecticut House Majority Leader Christopher Donovan.

The Council held workshops on Legislative and Political Action, presented by Grand Lodge Representative James Smith, and on Organizing by District Lodge 26 Organizer Donna Perinetti.

I am proud to report the Connecticut delegation raised $1,123.00 for MNPL at this conference.  With the diligent work of the Connecticut State Council, we will continue to support the candidates who fight for working families.

On behalf of the Eastern Territory, I extend our appreciation for a job well done.  Special thanks to long time Connecticut State Council President and District Lodge 26 Assistant Directing Business Representative James Parent.


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