Director of IAM Safety and Health Director Appointed to MACOSH

The Secretary of Labor has reestablished the charter of the Maritime Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (MACOSH), which expired on April 1, 2005.  The announcement was published in the Aug. 8, 2006, Federal Register.  MACOSH advises the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health on issues and concerns relating to occupational safety and health for workers involved in shipbuilding, shipbreaking, ship repair, and longshoring.

Over forty nominations of highly qualified individuals were received in response to the Agency’s request for nominations. Maritime safety and health involves a wide range of complex issues. For that reason, the Secretary has selected to serve on the committee individuals who have broad experience relevant to the issues to be examined by the Committee.

Members of the Committee represent Employers, Government and Employees.  Michael J. Flynn, Director, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Safety and Heath was among those appointed as Employee Representative.  Other member are available in the Federal Register or on the Auguse 7 OSHA Trade News Release.

The maritime industry has historically had a high incidence of illnesses and injuries. The types of work performed can be quite different in various parts of the industry, ranging from manufacturing type work in shipyards to longshoring operations. OSHA has targeted this industry for special attention because of the incidence of illnesses and injuries, and the specialized nature of some of the work.

As specified in the MACOSH charter, OSHA will convene up to three MACOSH committee meetings per year. OSHA expects to convene the first meeting in September or October of this year. As soon as meeting arrangements are completed, OSHA will announce the specific date and location of the meeting, along with a list of topics to be discussed, in the Federal Register. OSHA encourages the public to attend all MACOSH meetings.

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