District Lodge 110 Locals Participate in Fleet Readiness Center Safety Fair at Cherry Point N.C.


                                              “FRC East photo by and courtesy of David Hooks” and “U.S. Navy”

On January 9, 2012 a Safety Fair was held at the Marine Corps Air Station known as Cherry Point near Havelock, North Carolina. On the property are three IAM Locals from District Lodge 110. IAM members from Local Lodge 1859, Local Lodge 2297, and Local Lodge 2296 all participated in manning a booth that showcased the various types of training available through the IAM Safety and Health Department / IAM C.R.E.S.T… Over a thousand people past through the Safety Fair during the one day event.

 A combined total of over 900 IAM members from the three on-site locals provide the skills required to keep the fleet ready for action at a moments notice. Coordinating the on-site effort for the booth was John Pierce, President of IAM Local Lodge 1859. Special thanks to Jamie Velazquez, Shop Steward for IAM LL 1859 and Billy Chapman, Shop Steward and Safety Representative for LL 2297 for making the IAM booth a success.

 Pictured above left to right: Billy Chapman, Shop Steward and Safety Representative for LL 2297, and Steven Fowee, Project Coordinator for IAM C.R.E.S.T.

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