During the week of November 14-19, 2010, 18 members from in IAM District Lodges 141, 142 and 143 and 7 IAM CREST Staff attended a two Part HMIT Trainers’ Exchange and Workshop held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Part One of the Trainers’ Exchange and Workshop was held November 14-17 to update trainers on new changes to the current Hazardous Material Awareness (HMAT) training program and materials, new teaching techniques, sharing lessons learned and brainstorm ways to be more effective and efficient in communications, scheduling site activities, training delivery and data collection at the various sites where training is delivered currently delivered.

Currently HMAT Training is delivered to IAM Members at Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, US Airways and United Airlines. Training materials were developed by IAM CREST under a grant funded by the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration specifically to enhance the required dangerous goods training provided by hazardous material carriers.

Part Two of the Trainers’ Exchange and Workshop was held November 17-19. In Part Two HMAT Site Coordinators, key representatives and IAM CREST Staff attended a Strategy Workshop facilitated by Dr. Jim Leslie and strategized ways to improve activities and accomplish deliverables as described in the 2010-2011 Grant Year Application. Planning Sessions with Ian Stoops from ISIT Limited were held to discuss changes, additions and improvements to the PHMSA HMAT Web Site. Planning Sessions were also held with IAM CREST’s Grant Writers Tom and Suzette Fleischmann to discuss efficient reporting of grant activities and deliverables.

I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T. President: Mike Flynn

I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T. Airlines Grant Liaison: Stephen Rice

IAM CREST Staff: Joe Abshire, Mike Hinthorn, Teri McClendon and Steve Fowee

IAM CREST Associate Instructors for Airline Industry “Part One”: Brenda Beesley, Barbara Grant, Courtney Currie, Alberto Herrera, Daniel Fumar, Todd Shoopmon, Jerry Hounshell, Ron Fox, Albert (Duke) Higgins, Dave Songnini, U’ilani Ah Chan and Anne Kahalekai-Tam.

IAM CREST Associate Instructors for Airline Industry “Part Two”: Courtney Currie, Brian Leifker, Mariquita Jones, Bill Salo, Don Larson, Rich Howell, Toni D’Aloiso, Bob Winner, Joe Abshire, Mike Hinthorn, Teri McClendon, Steve Fowee, Brett Long, Steve Rice and Suzette Fleischmann. Not in the picture Tom Fleischmann, Kelly Pegg, Mike Flynn, Tom Fleischmann and Jim Leslie.

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