I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T. Joint Labor/Management Safety Training Accident/Incident and Near Miss Prevention Program

MillerCoors Brewery

I.A.M.A.W. District 131 and Local Lodge 2699

Albany, Georgia

December 12 – 16, 2011

This week IAM C.R.E.S.T. is providing classroom and hands-on-training on Accident / Incident and Near Miss and other Safety & Health topics to both labor unions and management safety members at the MillerCoors Brewery facility.  Participants learned the requirements of the OSH Act of 1970 and employee and employer responsibilities.  Several OSHA standards were discussed within the training modules during the week.  Participants gained knowledge of how the body is affected by the workplace and learned hands-on techniques for identifying and solving workplace hazards.  Everyone realized the importance of a proactive injury/illness intervention program for all of the employees of the facility.  Group exercises were assigned to conduct root cause analysis for accident/incident and near miss investigations along with conducting area inspections on the shop floor.  The participants made presentations of their findings and recommendations for corrective action to members of management and labor.

Union Representatives: IAM District Lodge 131 DBR. Allen Williams and IAM Local Lodge 2699 President Tom Peters

Management Representatives: Learning & Development Manager Dacia Benoit and Safety Manager Rick Cimino

I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T. Instructors:  Michael Hinthorn, Teri McClendon and Kevin Smith

Class Participants: Jean Pierre Biawa, Donald Blackburn, Gene Blaylock, Kenn Bragg, Tammy Britt, Jill Brown, Rick Cimino, Mark Das, Mike Davis, Terry Edwards, Lacey Fraser, Brandon Harris, Tony Ochoa, Lisa Outlaw, Travius Reed, Sonya Roberts, Wesley Slappey, Mike Smith, Milton Tomas, Shawn Snedden, Jason Stafford, Mark Taylor, Steve Terebecki, Eric Vaglienti and Lisa Vanlerberge.

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