30 – Hour Site Specific OSHA 7635 for Shipyard Employment September 21-25, 2009

Bath Iron Works

IAM District Lodge 4, Local Lodge S-6

Bath, Maine

September 21 – 25, 2009

This week IAM CREST is providing five days of classroom training on OSHA’s 7635 Maritime Outreach Course to labor and management at the Bath Iron Works facility.  Participants learned about the OSH Act, Citations, Penalties, Whistleblower, Recordkeeping and Introduction to OSHA, policies, procedures and general industry standards affecting the shipyard industry, as well as, shipyard employment safety and health standards and principles. Topics included the scope, application and definitions of the required OSHA maritime 1915 Shipyard Employment, 1917 Marine Terminals, 1918 Longshoring standards along with some interpretations and applications of the standards. There were special emphases placed on those areas of shipyard employment that are the most hazardous, using the Bath Iron Works facility and OSHA etool potential hazards and requirements as a guide. The week started with a pre-questionnaire along with each module having group exercises and reportback, plus periodic review of all subjects during the week and ended with a post- questionnaire. All participants received an IAM CREST certificate and will receive an OSHA maritime safety and health 30-hour course completion card.   

Union Representatives:  IAM Grand Lodge Representative Tom Holl and IAM Safety and Health Chairperson Don Bowen. 

Management Representative: Vice President Operations Dave Clark and Director Environmental Health and Safety Laura Mathisen. 

CREST Instructors:  Michael Hinthorn and Steve Fowee  

Class Participants:  Jody Allen, Mark Bodmer, Brian Cody, James Connors, Kevin Degroot, David Demers, Jim Dostie, Frank James, Jeffrey Neale, Brian Petrie, William Pickering, Leonard Roy Sr, Leslie Ruest, Bert Vaillancourt and Ben Zavitz.




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