WWW Site-Specific Manual Material Handling/Lifting Techniques and Ergonomics Training


Wiliam W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center
IAM District 4, Local Lodge 193
Hollywood, Maryland
January 8, 2010

This week IAM C.R.E.S.T provided classroom and hands-on training for Manual Material Handling, Lifting Techniques and Ergonomics to employees of the Winpisinger Educational & Technology Center and members of District Lodge 4 and Local Lodge 193 at the William W. Winpisinger Educational & Technology Center facility.  The participants received the basic knowledge for manual material handling and lifting techniques. Each participant practiced personal lifting techniques by lifting mock (marked weighted) boxes from the floor level, also from a counter top level and discussed the risks of overhead lifting. It was stressed during the class the importance of using proper lifting techniques, when to use a lifting/moving device or when to get someone to help with lifting or transporting the item. Participants learned about the subject of ergonomics and the need for early symptom reporting. They learned the importance of a proactive approach to injury/illness intervention and how to apply an assessment/hazard analysis to their workstation.  More detailed knowledge of Ergonomics was discussed as it applies to workstations and office environments, with special interest in specific topics such as VDT and workstation design.  Participants conducted a hands-on exercise at their workstation for personal adjustments of their chairs, keyboard trays, VDT monitors and learned more detailed information of why it is necessary to have their workstation adjusted properly and maintained.  

William W. Winpisinger Educational & Technology Center Representatives: Director Chris Wagoner, Assistant Director Mary McHugh and Assistant Manger of Facilities Mike Dale. 

C.R.E.S.T Instructors:  Michael Hinthorn, and Steve Fowee.  

Class Participants: Tonya Barnes, Nancy Ford and Rhonda Hill.

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