Improving Ergonomics Issues? Don?t forget the deskbound!

Employers are getting the message when it comes to ergonomic changes that make manufacturing and construction work less hazardous.  But what about the millions of workers who toil in offices, cubicles or spend a lot of time doing their job behind a computer.  They have ergonomic concerns as well.  Some of the same issues faced in manufacturing are in an office environment.  Many of these concerns have recently been addressed and resulted in things that workers can do to counter-act some ergonomic issues

Recommended tips:

  • Keep your focus – sitting at a desk encourages the body to operate at a slow metabolic rate.  Strategies like eating healthy mini-meals and taking short breaks from the computer can increase concentration and productivity.
  • Avoid eyestrain – computer-related eyestrain can result from many factors, including improper computer setup, bad lighting, uncorrected vision, and dry eyes.  If possible, use incandescent rather than fluorescent lighting.  Take a 10-minute break for every hour spent at the computer.  Use rewetting drops for dry eyes.
  • Move it – make a conscious effort to perform a few desk exercises twice daily.  These help fight tension and fatigue, improve circulation, and prevent aches and cramps.

    1.)  Stand up and lift on the balls of the feet and toes.
    2.)  From a standing position, bend over and let head and arms dangle toward the floor to stretch the lower back.
    3.)  Do arm curls with a stapler or other small desk object.
    4.)  Roll the head clockwise and counter-clockwise to exercise head and shoulders.

For more information regarding typing injuries go to the following link,



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