Rally Lifts Buffalo Wire Works Strikers

Buffalo Wire Works 4

A lively labor rally at Buffalo Wire company underscored the solid backing IAM strikers have received from the Buffalo labor family and the community since the strike began November 5. With the giant rat in attendance, the IAM sent a clear message to management regarding the its opinion of the company’s concessionary demands.

Buffalo Wire Works 3

“This strike is about standing strong against those who are trying to destroy a decent standard of loving that all working Americans have a right to,” said Eastern Territory GVP Lynn Tucker. Their fight is our fight. They are true patriots.”

(GVP Tucker is shown above speaking with New York Assemblyman Jack Quinn.) 

Buffalo Wire Works 2

After years of concession by the IAM at Buffalo Wire, workers are tired of subsidizing the company’s mismanagement, pay and lifestyle.

Buffalo Wire Works 1

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