Sandi Briggs named Democratic Women of the Year for Ashland County

We are proud to announce that Sandi Briggs, wife of Grand Lodge Representative Raymond Briggs, was namedPicture 387.jpg  Democratic Woman of the year for Ashland County, Ohio.

Sandi has been a Democratic activist in the Eastern Territory for many years. She has always gone the extra mile to help working families.  Anyone who has attended a State Council, Staff Conference, M.N.P.L. drive, or Guide Dogs of America fundraiser, has witnessed Sandi’s dedication to our causes. 

 The I.A.M. encourages all members and their families to become active in politics on the local, state, and federal level.  Remember, no matter how well your union negotiates a contract, it can be wiped out by a single stroke of a politician’s pen. 

 On behalf of the entire Eastern Territory our congratulations and thanks go out to Sandi Briggs.


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