Scranton Central Labor Council Elects New President

We are proud to announce that District Lodge 1 Local 2462 President Nancy Krake has been elected President of theNancy Krake.jpg  Scranton Central Labor Council of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Directing Business Representative Danny Chmelko stated “We are very proud to have Nancy as the President of Scranton Central Labor Council. No one deserves the job more. When somebody says you can’t fight city hall they don’t know Nancy. As Local 2462 President, she has been a Union Activist from day one. She helped organize the labor coalition in the City of Scranton.  With her hard work we now have a labor friendly City Council and Commissioners”.

The I.A.M. encourages all members to become active on the local, state, and federal level and to always remember that no matter how well your union negotiates a contract, it can be wiped out by a single stroke of a politician’s pen. 

Our congratulations and thanks go out to Nancy and the labor coalition in the City of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Great Job Nancy!


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