Some Ways to Help Improve Safety in Your Workplace!

How safe do you feel your workplace is?  Pretty safe – right?  The safest workplace didn’t get that way over night.   Even the safest of workplaces have room for improvements

Who do you think is responsible for a safe work environment?  You should have answered “everyone”.  Even thought ultimately it is the employers’ responsibility to provide a workplace free from hazards and to protect us.  However we as individuals, can do some things to contribute to making our workplaces safer which includes impressing on others how important it is to focus on safety improvements by:

1.      Considering safety a personal responsibility.

2.      Promoting and attending safety meetings and training sessions.

3.      Participating in safety inspections and monitoring.

4.      Presenting suggestions for improving safety.

5.      Acknowledge the safety rules.

6.      Communicate with your co-workers the importance of safety.

7.      Volunteer for safety committees.

8.      Question how to make your job safer.

9.      Inspecting and using personal protective equipment correctly.

10.    Being aware of the different hazards in the workplace and how to protect yourself from them.

11.    Talking to your supervisor if there’s anything about your job that you don’t understand or if you’re not sure whether something is a hazard.

12.    Knowing what to do in an emergency.

13.    Reporting safety hazards to your supervisor.

14.    Helping new employees.

15.    Inspecting your equipment.

16.    Inspect your work area and workstation for hazards.

17.    Reporting accidents and near misses.

Only by everyone working together, can improvements to the work area be made and hazards eliminated before injuries or illnesses occur.

Did you help to improve safety today?

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