Support Buffalo Wire Workers and their Families

We often feel uplifted when we hear about locally owned and operated businesses.  We want very much to think that such businesses, by virtue of being locally owned and operated, are dedicated to theWestern New York economy and community at large.

So it is extremely disheartening to witness the 134-year-old Buffalo Wire implementing an extremely destructive business/labor strategy, which thoroughly undermines the WNY economy and the Buffalo Wire workers’ ability to care for their families and be economically productive in our community.

The strike against Buffalo Wire began November 5, 2006. For years the workers, in the best interests of cooperation and dedication to their company, agreed to concessions. But in the end the employer turned worker cooperation into corporate welfare by demanding that the workers continue to subsidize the boss’ mismanagement, pay and lifestyle.

So the bosses want to enhance their East Amherst and Orchard Park lifestyles by demanding worker wage cuts of $7,500-$8,000, increasing employee health costs and cutting worker vacation time. This is no way to treat employees who have given Buffalo Wire 39 years of service nor is it any way to treat younger employees trying to provide a decent standard of living for their families.

This strike about standing strong against those who are trying destroy a decent standard of living that all American working families have a right to. Their fight is our fight. They are true patriots.

What can you do to support Buffalo Wire Workers?

  • Join their picket line, 1165 Clinton Street, 6 a.m.-9 p.m., Monday-Saturday
  • Bring soup, snacks, coffee, sandwiches…Showing that you care means a great deal to workers on strike.
  • Contribute to the Strike Relief Fund.  Checks can be made out to Strike Relief 2005 BW330 and mailed to IAMAW D-65, 257 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222, Attention:  Strike Fund.
  • Contact your state legislators and tell them that Buffalo Wire should not receive state funding as they did in 2004 if this is how they treat their workers.  State money, (our tax dollars), should be used for community economic development not destruction.
  • Distribute this flyer to union members, family and friends. This company needs to know that this injustice will not go unnoticed in the Buffalo Community.


Lynn D. Tucker



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