Three New Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE) Reports Now Available

            The HHE Program evaluated ongoing concerns about a possible high rate of cancer among current and former employees in two office buildings at an aeronautics research center. Investigators found that 20 different types of cancer were diagnosed among the employees of the two buildings, but the different types of cancers did not suggest a common workplace exposure among those diagnosed.

            The HHE Program evaluated potential exposures at a college’s sculpture studios. Investigators recommended that managers correct safety hazards in the studios and substitute a less toxic plastics adhesive that does not contain methylene chloride. To reduce exposure to welding fumes, it was recommended that adequate outdoor and replacement air be supplied to the sculpture studios and local exhaust ventilation be installed in the metalworking studio.

            The HHE Program evaluated potential exposures to flour dust at a bakery. Investigators recommended that the facility use local exhaust or general ventilation to lower dust levels in the bakery and that employees use slow, smooth movements when handling powdered ingredients to keep dust levels low. Investigators also recommended that a vacuum or wet wash method be used to clean up powder used in the bakery.

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