What is the Coalition of Labor Union Women?

The IAM has 5 sister representatives on the CLUW National Executive Board (NEB).  They are elected every 4 years at CLUW’s Biennial Convention.  At the convention held October 2009 in Los Angeles, California, the following sisters were elected to NEB positions:

Delegates elected were Bobbie Betonti, LL 2763; Nancylee Waters, LL 700; Victoria Cheek, LL 1833; Lois Williams, LL 2909; and Diane Tomevi, LL 1040. 

The Alternate Delegates elected were Terri Myette, LL 751F; Hazel Powers, LL 751F; Linda Abercrombie, LL 774; Cynthia Truelove, LL 1886 and Cassandra Reicher, LL 774. 

Shirley Dickes, LL 700 was elected Alternate to the Alternate

CLUW hosts 3 NEB meetings on non-convention years (2 on convention years), which are open to any CLUW members to attend as observers.

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