Georgia Machinist Wins $100,000 Back Pay for Wrongful Termination

Doug Miller, fourth from left, is honored after receiving $100,000 back pay award from Lockheed Martin. From left, Shop Steward and arbitration witness James Kuhn, Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin, Local 709 Business Representative James Butler, Miller, Local 709 Directing Business Representative Perry Gulledge, Grand Lodge Representative Dave Porter, Grand Lodge Representative Joey Slaton, Senior Negotiating Committee Member and arbitration witness Jason Schroeder.

IAM Local 709 member Doug Miller was presented with a $100,000 check representing the back pay he received in an arbitration award after being wrongfully terminated.

Miller, an inspector for Lockheed Martin, in Marietta, GA, was fired in retaliation after reporting that members of management were not following proper safety procedures.

“This is what a strong IAM contract is about – where workers don’t have to be afraid to point out safety issues, and their voice on the job is protected,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin, who was on hand for the check presentation. “I want to commend Grand Lodge Representative Porter, who did a professional job in presenting our case. Thanks to Brother Miller, who stood his ground and did the right thing.”

An arbitrator found for the union on all parts, ordering Miller reinstated immediately with full seniority rights, all back pay, and his record purged of any disciplinary action.

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