GOTV Bus Tour Features IAM Youth Group

At a stop in Columbus, OH, the “It’s About Jobs” tour, including members of the IAM Focus Group, visited with Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. From left, GVP Tucker, Angie Hemler, Sophia Denford, Cindy Hunnell, Michelle Wyvill, Gov. Strickland, Amanda Baptiste, Tracey Dolina, GST Mart, GVP Gruber, EA Babineaux, driver Jerry Guyer, AST Minnich and Mike Dale from the Winpisinger Center.

The IAM Focus Group – a small group of young IAM employees who are part of the IAM’s outreach program to the younger generation – deserve a “job well done” for their participation in the IAM’s coast-to-coast bus tour with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT).

The “It’s About Jobs”  tour concluded last week after a month-long trek, which included stops in Washington, Oregon, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware.

Focus Group members travelled alongside General Secretary-Treasurer Warren Mart, Eastern Territory General Vice President Lynn Tucker, Midwest Territory General Vice President Phil Gruber, Executive Assistant Diane Babineaux and Assistant Secretary Rob Minnich during their swing through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware.

At each stop, Focus Group members helped to spread the message about the need for U.S. jobs and the importance of taking part in the upcoming Nov. 2, 2010 elections.

“We need everyone to be fully engaged in this fight,” said GST Warren Mart in his remarks as he called for a strong jobs plan, a national industrial policy, investments in transportation and young worker skills training. “We need to educate and motivate our members to get out and vote.”

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