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  • IAM Journal , Journal Archives May 27, 2020

    Driving to Save Lives

    App-based drivers for platforms like Uber and Lyft were forced to a grinding halt in New York City. And it wasn’t because of the traffic this time. Instead, the gig economy workers were forced to leave their cars parked at home as the early impacts of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic forced city residents to stay

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  • Journal Archives October 23, 2019

    IAM Journal – Winter 2019-2020

    Sisters and Brothers, Perhaps the greatest part of being a member of our union is that it gives us all a voice in our future. As IAM members, we have the right—and responsibility—to stand up to employers and fight for justice and dignity on the job. Put simply, your union card means democracy doesn’t stop

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  • Journal Archives May 16, 2019

    IAM Journal – Summer 2019

    Sisters and Brothers, Shortly after I was sworn in as your International President, a member asked me, “When are we going to have a say in who the IAM endorses for president?” It was a good question, and one I’ve been thinking about a lot now that it’s election season.

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  • Journal Archives October 24, 2018

    IAM Journal – Winter 2018

    Dear Machinists Union Members, Families and Friends, Our union has a great record of achievement this year, and you can take pride in knowing it is because of your hard work and dedication. Machinists are true fighters, and I am humbled whenever I visit our members to see what you do each and every day.

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  • Journal Archives May 11, 2018

    IAM Journal – Summer 2018

    Dear Members, Family and Friends, I feel a renewed sense of purpose spreading across our union. We are joining together and standing strong; pushing back and demanding the respect our families deserve.

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