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  • IAM Journal , iMail , News May 9, 2017

    2017 IAM Journal – She’s Ready To Fight. Are You?

    As you read this edition of the IAM Journal, I hope you will appreciate the new direction we have taken with it, and the increased emphasis we have placed on our members.

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  • IAM Journal April 8, 2016

    IAM Journal – 2015 Year End Review

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, Since having the honor of becoming the IAM’s 14th International President in January, I’ve been taking stock of where the IAM is and where our members want us to go. The message is clear: Organize like our livelihoods depend on it, because they do. From the low-wage bastions of the South to Uber drivers

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  • IAM Journal March 6, 2015

    IAM Journal – 2014 Year End Review

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, When our union celebrated its 125th anniversary of its founding in Atlanta in 1888, it was a time to reflect on how far we’ve come as a union and think about what we need to do to stay a strong and vibrant union well into the next 125 years. One task

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