Machinists Break New Ground with Moduline

The IAM has broken new ground in its latest collective agreement with Moduline Industries Canada Limited in Penticton, British Columbia.

“For the first time, our workers over the age of 55 or with 30 years seniority can volunteer for a reduced work week schedule,” said IAM District Lodge 250 Directing Business Representative Stan Pickthall. The language calls for a four-day workweek and the participants must sign up for one calendar year and re-apply each December if they wish to continue on the reduced work schedule. “If more than ten employees apply, the shift will be granted on the basis of seniority,” added Pickthall.

The three-year agreement provides wage increases of 2 per cent in each of the first and second year, and 2.5 per cent in the third year. “This is a good offer in the current economy, and it does not take away any of the wages and benefits enjoyed by current employees,” said Pickthall.

Other agreement highlights include RRSP increased to 7 per cent effective December 2011; five weeks vacation after 20 years of service; language on recall of employees and cross training in necessary skills; job shadowing and cross training opportunities throughout the plant; Dental Plan A at 80 per cent for new hires; and sick leave pays from the first day of illness for employees who go E.I. sick benefits.

The 120 members of IAMAW Local Lodge 2711 employed at Moduline build manufactured homes for the British Columbia housing industry.

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