Machinists Win Certification For Aerocar Limousine Services in Vancouver

A courageous group of nearly 110 limousine drivers and airport greeters employed by Aerocar Limousine Services at the Vancouver International Airport overcame a fierce anti-union campaign to win IAM representation. The workers, who provide premium personal transportation to and from the airport and other locations, are the newest members of IAM Local 16 and IAM District 140.

In a vicious organizing campaign governed by the British Columbia Labour Relations Board (BCLRB), the new members voted overpoweringly to join the IAM. The IAM applied to the BCLRB for certification on March 28, 2014. After hearing challenges by Aerocar, the BCLRB ordered a vote to be held on April 14, and the ballot box to be sealed pending adjudication of the issues to be raised.

Aerocar opposed the organizing campaign as soon as they became aware of it.

“They immediately fired our two inside committee members, and since April, have not issued limousines to over 30 of the drivers the company thinks supported the union,” explained IAM Grand Lodge Representative Ron Fontaine. Both of these issues are now before the BCLRB.

On June 24, the ballot box was opened, and those ballots allowed by the BCLRB decision were counted.

“The vote was overpowering,” said Fontaine. “Over 84 percent of the new members voted to join the IAM. I think the owner of the company was in shock. He could not believe that only 12 of his workers were not intimidated by his actions.”

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