Nationwide Events Highlight Organizing Rights

December 8, 2005 – Dozens of cities in the U.S. and around the world are holding vigils, marches and teach-ins this week to bring attention to human rights abuses and the corporate war on workers’ rights to form unions.

“For years, this nation strived to live up to the ideals of democracy, human rights and a fair shot at a better life for its citizens,” said IP Tom Buffenbarger.

“The message being sent to the world today is that the American dream is reserved for the rich, the powerful and the well connected. This country already fought one revolution to end tyranny, and the last time I looked, the Bill of Rights did not come with an expiration date.”

The week-long mobilization, which will culminate in the December 10 celebration of International Human Rights Day, included a march to the White House where thousands of union activists presented a petition calling for the U.S. to enforce current laws that prohibit the illegal harassment, discrimination and firing of employees who express an interest in unionization.

The petition also calls on President Bush and the Congress to reestablish the United States as the world leader in protecting human rights, including the right to join a union.

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