Pennsylvania Local 1403 Strikes Precision Custom Components

IAM Local 1403 members Mike Wells and Gerry Uffelman man the picket line at Precision Custom Parts in York, PA, where IAM members have been on strike since September 2, 2014.

Entering their third week on the picket lines, more than 100 members of IAM Local 1403 are holding the line at York, PA-based Precision Custom Components (PCC).

The members went on strike after failing to reach an agreement with the employer. Attempts by IAM representatives to extend the deadline and continue work on reaching a deal were ignored.

PCC had proposed exorbitant increases to health care that would all but nullify any gains made in the agreement.

“The company wanted to increase the deductible for a single person from $200 to $2,000,” said IAM District 98 Business Representative Randy Jones. “The proposal for family deductibles was to increase from $400 to $4,000, and that wasn’t even the icing on the cake. Those increases would continue to rise over the life of the deal. PCC backed these members into a corner, and they had no choice but to fight to survive.”

“The troubling issue here is this is a profitable company,” said District 98 Directing Business Representative Tom Santone. “This is a proposal from a company that clearly chose to go after the workers – the very same people they rely on to see that this company remains profitable, day in and day out. Equally troubling is their choices to not only ignore the IAM’s efforts to return to talks, but that of the federal mediator too. IAM representatives remain ready, willing and able to get back to the table and negotiate a fair agreement at any time.”

PCC manufacturers custom fabricated pressure vessels, reactors, casks and heavy-walled components for nuclear and military applications.

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