Share Your Opinions on Working Family Issues

We need all of the information we can possibly get to fight for the issues we all care about—stopping bad trade deals, raising wages and fighting “right to work” laws in states across the country.

That’s why we’re inviting IAM members like you to be a part of an exciting new initiative called the American Opinion Project. This project will allow you to confidentially share your opinions—for research purposes—on important working family issues.

Click here now to sign up to participate in this exciting, new survey research initiative to share your thoughts on issues affecting working people.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of how this is going to work. First, we’ll need you to fill out a quick online survey. You’ll then be added to a group of people who will be contacted periodically (and randomly, too, because this needs to be scientific) about providing thoughts on a slew of different topics.

We know a lot of people are worried about privacy these days, so we’re also going to mention that any responses you give are completely confidential. Your personal data won’t be shared in any way and, we promise because we know how it is, you will NOT receive any phone calls, text messages or emails asking you to buy anything or to donate to a cause.

Basically, you just need to provide your opinions, that’s it.

Sign up now to be a part of the American Opinion Project survey research initiative and share your opinions on issues affecting our communities and families.

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