Special Representative Donald Gresham


Donald Gresham
Special Representative

Don Gresham is an Organizer specializing in the Service Contract Act.  A background both as a member of the United States military and a long time employee under the Service Contract Act gives Don a unique perspective on dealing with the issues employees face under the SCA.

Don was raised in a military family (US Army) and attended the United States Air Force Academy.  During his Air Force career, he flew the F-4.  Don also served in the Arizona National Guard flying the A-7.  Beginning in 1998, he worked for 9 years as an Instructor at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona; working for both Boeing and Lockheed.  Don served as Shop Steward for the years 2003 and 2004 and as the Chief Negotiator for 2003-2006.  In 2006, Don was the driving force behind collective negotiations between Lockheed Martin and 5 different F-15 and F-16 bases.   The workers from 2 active duty Air Force Bases (Luke and Tyndall) as well as 3 guard units (Tucson, Kelly, and Kingsley) all benefited from being able to sit together at the negotiating table.  Collective bargaining is a powerful weapon that the IAM wields and a huge benefit of being a Union member.

Don was appointed as a Special Representative assigned to the IAM Organizing Department in March 2007.  He currently resides in Glendale Arizona with his wife Pat.


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