How to Support Boeing South Carolina Workers

Workers at the Boeing South Carolina 787 assembly plants looking for respect on the job are battling a major anti-union campaign filled with lies and misrepresentation by management.

Workers and their families are facing a barrage of television and radio ads urging them against joining the IAM.

Voice your support on the Boeing Workers at South Carolina – BSC Facebook page.

With help from their union-busting law firm, Boeing management is stooping to new lows in their efforts to keep workers from joining the IAM. Boeing management even went as far as setting up a table full of diapers and children’s clothes in the break room, in an effort to show employees what they can buy with a year’s worth of dues.

Nearly 3,000 workers at the North Charleston facilities will have the opportunity to vote yes for the IAM on February 15.

Go to the Boeing Workers at South Carolina Facebook page and let them know you support them in their fight for union representation.

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