Support Grows for Members Protesting DirecTV Harassment

IAM District 947 members working at DirecTV in Los Angeles, CA are engaged in an ongoing battle with their employer over unfair labor practices. It’s been more than two years since workers voted to join the IAM. After the company stalled the process through legal appeals, the National Labor Relations Board issued a final decision in December 2011 that the workers had indeed won IAM representation.

But DirecTV has ignored the ruling, refusing to negotiate a first contract and harassing stewards and other union supporters. The injustice has mobilized the community.

Earlier this month, DirecTV workers were accompanied by fellow IAM members and staff, AFL-CIO staff and supporters from the Painters Union to the annual North American Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The group picketed outside the conference with signs and banners protesting the company’s unfair labor practices.

A week later, local supporters visited DirecTV’s office in Rancho Dominguez, CA wanting to discuss with management the continued harassment of shop stewards. IAM representatives, a representative from Congresswoman Laura Richardson’s office, Hector Saldivar of the LA County Federation of Labor and Rick Foss of the Sheet Metal Workers Union were present. Insisting their Vice President was the “contact person,” DirecTV managers wouldn’t meet with the group; even refusing to accept a letter they’d prepared.

“Ignoring the NLRB ruling, refusing to negotiate with us, harassing their workers for being IAM members… the unfair treatment by DirecTV goes on and on,” said Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “It needs to stop. These workers deserve much better. They’ve put a lot on the line, and we need to let them know they’re not alone.”

Don’t let DirecTV get away with treating the workers unfairly. Show your support by calling DirecTV manager Roy Cienfuegos at 310-213-4990 and Senior Vice President Warren Jackson at 310-964-0728. Tell them you know what’s going on at DirecTV and that harassment of IAM supporters won’t be tolerated.

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