TCU/IAM Annual Dues Increase

In a Letter from TCU President Scardelletti and pursuant to Article2 5, Section2 (c)o f the TCU/IAM By-Laws (as amended by the delegates at the 2014 TCU/IAM National Convention) effective January 1, 2015 monthly dues will be $87.50.

Monthly TCU/IAM dues will be increased annually on January 1 based on the method outlined in the IAM Constitution for increasing IAM per-capita taxes. From these funds, the TCU/IAM shall pay $1.00 to the Education Fund and $1.00 to the Convention Fund.”

Click here to read the full letter from TCU President Scardelletti to all National Representatives and Assistant National Representatives and from TCU National Secretary-Treasurer to all Local Lodge Financial Secretary-Treasurers.

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