Amtrak Sets Records in FY17

Amtrak has confirmed a record year, covering almost all of its operating costs (94.7%) from ticket sales and revenues in fiscal year 2017. Amtrak also carried a record 31.7 million passengers, up 1.5% from the year before. Importantly, ridership was up on all three parts of Amtrak’s network: the Northeast Corridor, State-supported routes, and long-distance routes. 

This is a testament to the dedicated Amtrak employees – many of which are TCU members. Through their hard work and dedication, Amtrak employees have delivered the best financial year on record for our nation’s passenger rail carrier. 

Quick facts (via Amtrak’s press release):

Amtrak posted record ridership, revenue and earnings for its Fiscal Year, which ended Sept. 30, 2017:

  • Ridership: 31.7 million passenger trips – increased 1.5 percent over FY 2016
  • Total Revenue: $3.2 billion – increased 1.1 percent over FY 2016
  • Operating Earnings[1]: ($194 million) – improved 15.7 percent over FY 2016

In ridership, Amtrak achieved year-over-year increases from FY 2016 for all of its service lines:

  • Northeast Corridor (NEC): 12 million riders – increased 1 percent and was the NEC’s highest ridership year ever
  • State Supported Services: 15 million riders – increased 2.1 percent
  • Long-Distance Routes: 4.6 million riders – increased 0.9 percent
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