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  • Latest Videos , News , Politics & Legislation March 2, 2020

    TCU/IAM Fights Amtrak Outsourcing

    The Transportation Communications Union represents call center workers in Philadelphia, whose staffing levels have been cut by more than 50% compared to 2018. Positions have been outsourced to non-union shops in Florida and Ohio, where employees are paid low wages with little-to-no benefits.

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  • iMail , Local News , News , Politics & Legislation , TCU December 13, 2018

    TCU Members Rally in Riverside to Save Jobs, Stop Outsourcing

    Yesterday, TCU/IAM members from Amtrak’s Riverside call center rallied to save their jobs.

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  • iMail , News August 23, 2012

    ‘President’ Romney Would End Amtrak Funding

    Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said in a recent interview that he would eliminate federal funding for Amtrak if he is elected in November. In an interview with CNN’s Fortune Magazine, the presumptive GOP nominee identified the national passenger rail service as a program that would be on the chopping block in a Romney administration.

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  • iMail , News February 16, 2012

    Privatization Measure Threatens Amtrak Jobs

    H.R.7H.R.7More than 2,000 Amtrak workers could lose their jobs if the House version of the Surface Transportation Bill (H.R. 7) is passed into law. At a time when Amtrak ridership is at record highs, privatizing those positions will adversely affect service, safety and security on every train. In addition to privatizing the Amtrak jobs, many

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  • iMail , News June 30, 2011

    GOP Plan for Amtrak Called Unconstitutional

    The ranking Democrat of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee says the Republican plan to privatize Amtrak is unconstitutional. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) says it violates the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. “It is also likely that the proposal violates the Takings Clause because it takes Amtrak’s private property without just compensation,” said Rep.

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