Amtrak CEO Boardman Retained through 2013

Tom Carper, Chairman of the Amtrak Board of Directors, announced on July 29 that the Board had voted unanimously to extend the contract of Amtrak President Joseph Boardman through 2013.

Boardman had been serving as “interim” President since being appointed as Amtrak President in November, 2008. Before assuming the Amtrak job, he served as Federal Railroad Administrator.

“TCU welcomes the Board of Directors’ decision to extend Joe Boardman’s tenure,” says TCU President Bob Scardelletti. “Boardman has brought needed changes to Amtrak. This is a man who truly cares about Amtrak being a viable passenger service in our country, as evidenced by his efforts to expand service wherever possible.”

“And the recent Amtrak contracts that we reached in record time demonstrate a commitment on his part to overcome the bitter fights we had with past Amtrak administrations,” continued Scardelletti.

Click here to read the full release from Amtrak.

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