TCU Members at DMIR Overwhelmingly Ratify New Agreement

By a 4 to 1 margin in favor, Duluth and Missabe Iron Range (DMIR) Ore Dock members successfully ratified a tentative agreement on September 11, 2014, after 3 years of bargaining, mediation and a failed first ratification.

TCU wanted to follow the pattern set by National Bargaining; we were not interested in making rules changes that would negatively impact the membership. The Carrier continued to bargain for rule changes and therefore, the parties entered mediation.

The mediator felt that a tentative agreement could be reached with rules changes that benefited both parties and an initial agreement was reached; the membership at the DMIR Ore Docks overwhelmingly turned it down.

After reconvening in mediation, it was agreed that the pattern set by National Bargaining was appropriate, as TCU had argued all along. A tentative agreement was reached and is now ratified.

A special thank you goes to the membership of the DMIR Ore Docks who took the time to meet several times with the Organization during this lengthy process. Negotiations were led by National Vice President Thomas Truhler and National Representative Kelly Gilbertson.

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