January 1st Begins TCU/IAM Full Merger

The merger is complete. TCU/IAM members are now “Fighting Machinists.”

TCU/IAM President Bob Scardelletti said, “This merger is a new beginning for our union. This pivotal moment will begin a new era in TCU’s proud history. The future of our great union will be strong and steady; IAM shares our roots in the railroad, our strong representation on the hill and the strength and solidarity that education of our local reps provides.”

“We are proud to be ‘Fighting Machinists’, IAM is one of the strongest and most effective unions in North America, TCU is proud to be part of that tradition.”

The TCU/IAM merger was recently honored on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressional members Daniel Lipinski (D-IL), and Corrine Brown (D-FL).

TCU and IAMAW were fundamental in building the American middle-class, and have a vital role today in preserving the American dream for working families. Their combined strength will provide continued leadership throughout the labor movement, particularly in the transportation industry. It is my pleasure to honor this historic event and congratulate their members as they join forces under the new TCU/IAMAW.

Click here to read the full congressional record of the merger statement by Congressman Lipinski.

Click here to read the statement read on the House floor by Representative Corrine Brown.

Click here to read the letter to TCU President Bob Scardelletti signed by members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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