TCU Wins Arbitration at Hialeah Florida Location

An arbitrator’s decision in a grievance filed by TCU versus the Yellow Transportation Company went in TCU’s favor. The decision is worth about $50,000 according to TCU International Vice-President Joe Condo.

The grievance was filed when TCU members lost their positions due to the company decision to dovetail the seniority rosters. Combining of seniority from a non union location was in violation of the agreement.

The decision states, “I find that the Company’s unilateral action in granting seniority to the Roadway employees based upon their Roadway dates of hire violated the Agreement… Accordingly, the grievance must be sustained, a corrected seniority list issued forthwith, and all bargaining unit employees who were adversely affected as a result of the incorrect attribution of seniority to the former Roadway employees must be made appropriately whole.”

The incoming members all received wage increases, no payments to the healthcare plan and became part of the pension plan, all under the terms of the current agreement.

Click here to view the full arbitrator’s decision.

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